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Best Accessories to Use With Your Paper Shoot

Best Accessories to Use With Your Paper Shoot

Assembling the Paper Shoot Camera is an easy feat, all you need is the camera board, 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, an SD card, a case of choice, and the golden screws to attach it all together! If it sounds complicated, I promise it's not and we have many tutorials on our social media channels to show you how to put together your very own Paper Shoot!

But because we're so nice and lovely, I will guide you quickly below! If you know your way around the camera parts, you can skip ahead! 

The two high-quality AAA rechargeable batteries sit on the bottom, the SD card slot is on the right side of the camera board. You'll know the SD card is fully in when you hear a click after inserting it. Your camera came with your paper shoot case of choice. Line up the lens in the middle of the camera to the case and then fold it under so that the camera is tucked inside the case. When you purchased your camera, you also got 2 golden screws. Unscrew the top from the bottom and place them at the top of the camera where the 2 holes are on each side. That's really it! I promise!

Now, for the accessories. I will say, everything you need to take photos is at the top. The camera already has 4 built in filters and automatic settings. So no need for anything else, HOWEVER, these few accessories are really going to enhance your experience!


Ring Light: Unfortunately, we don't yet have a built-in flash to our cameras but we've been working hard to figure out a way! If there was a flash, we'd need a built in battery to operate that flash, and with certain territories, you can't ship anything there with a battery, so we would be limited on where these cameras could travel to and that's pretty sad for us :( The ring light screws onto the front of the camera and has 3 light settings making it super easy to light your photos in a dark setting.

SD Card Reader: Now, you can very easily wait until the end of the day to get back home and put the SD card into your computer to see your photos. But, for those who want to see their photos ASAP, this accessory is perfect! All you need to do is take the SD card out of the camera, pop it into the reader and connect that to your phone and there ya go, all your photos are on your phone just like that!

Lens Cap: If you're worried about messing up your lens or getting it dirty, I highly recommend grabbing a lens cap so you can protect the most important part of your camera! Currently, the only ones we have are magnetic, but we're working on getting screw on caps so that your cap doesn't fall off in your bag or pocket. But for now, these are a great little add-on to protect your camera.


HONORABLE MENTION: What's a list like this without an honorable mention to leave everyone with?

Metal Strap: These have been selling fast for festival season and we know why. I was born a clumsy human, so these were made for people like me, and probably you! Whether you're traveling abroad, handing your paper shoot off to a child, or you're at a festival with thousands of people and not a lot of pocket room, the strap secures the camera to your chest making it easy to keep track of!