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Customizing Your Paper Shoot for Your Business

Customizing Your Paper Shoot for Your Business

We've always talked about the Paper Shoot Camera being the most customizable camera on the market. Not only are the many cases that we offer interchangeable, we also offer DIY cases and sticker sets to make the outside of the camera all your own.

However, what we're here to talk about today is an entirely new way of customizing Paper Shoot Cameras, and it's all about helping elevate your brand. Not many people know that we at Paper Shoot have partnered with some of the biggest brands and businesses out there like American Express, Asteroid City, and Virgin Voyages. Paper Shoot has been a part of trade shows, company events, client giveaways, and used as promotional materials for all of the above and one reason why we've seen such success in this sector is how easily customizable the Paper Shoot is! From the cases, that can be printed with your logos, branding, and key messages, to the branded accessories like the filter cards and lens caps that can also be altered to fit businesses' needs, we love offering an innovative way for anyone to connect their business with their clients, employees, and customers. 

We also offer custom packaging, themed collections, preloaded content like our SD cards, and QR code integration that leads customers to websites, social media pages, or digital portfolios. Every element of the Paper Shoot Camera can be customized to fit the needs of the company and we're more than ready to handle the responsibility of representing any business to the highest extent! 

Here are just a few examples of some of our B2B work. If you'd love the chance to work with us and are looking for more information plus a way to get in contact, visit our B2B and Partnerships Page here and email us at