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Best Camera for Travelling

Best Camera for Travelling - Paper Shoot Camera

With travel restrictions lifted in the UK, and many European countries opening up, many people are dusting off their passports. It’s an ideal time to crack open that bucket list and make travel plans. Though tourism is recovering, numbers are far below pre-pandemic levels. This means in general, less crowds and less lineups. Whether you are travelling across the ocean or across the country, it is exciting to be planning a trip again! Capturing the memories of your experience is as important as sunscreen and a swimsuit. It feels easy to rely on your phone to take photos, but that may not be the best choice. Read on to learn the disadvantages of using your phone, and how to choose the best camera for travelling.

Best Camera for Travelling

The mistake of depending on your phone for photos

If you think “why get a camera for travelling, when I have the camera in my phone?” then you are lucky that you haven’t experienced any of these:

Overheating. True story! One of the Paper Shoot team recently travelled in Egypt and when the temps reached 47C, her iPhone shut down. Just….shut down. Overheated. If she didn’t have a more travel-ready camera with her (the Summer Bloom Quiet, if you are curious) then she would have missed out on photos of her very picturesque sail down the Nile in Luxor in a felucca.

Theft. Having your expensive phone out in order to take photos puts you at risk of theft. Many top tourism sites are hot-spots for thieves looking to grab cash and valuables. Who wants to have their visit to the Colosseum forever remembered as the day their phone was snached?  This happens more than you think - in central London where so many top sites are located, about 10,000 phones are stolen each year. Keep that valuable phone safely away, and capture your travel photos using a digital phone. Your memories are priceless to you, but worthless to a thief!

Clearly, relying on your expensive and heat-sensitive phone to take photos on your trip is not ideal. Another advantage of putting your phone away on your trip is getting a break from emails and notifications. Make it a true holiday and disconnect from your life back home, so you can fully be present on your trip. 

So what to look for when choosing the best camera for travelling?

Camera Bag for the Best Camera for Travelling

What to look for in a travel camera

Whether you are travelling for a weekend or a month, or going to an exotic location or exploring a part of your own country, there are certain must-haves when choosing a travel camera.

Unlimited Photos. When travelling, you want to enjoy every experience fully. You don’t want to count calories, and you certainly don’t want to count photos! Having unlimited photos is a must so you can capture every memorable moment.

Portable. Packing light can be a challenge.  The best camera for travelling is something small, portable, and light.

Water-resistant. A film camera and phone camera are so sensitive to water. When it rains, or you are standing in the mist-cloud of a beautiful waterfall, the last thing you want to be worried about is ruining your camera. Look for a digital camera with a strong water-resistant case.

The best thing about using a digital camera for travelling is the excitement of experiencing each moment, and reliving them when you look at the photos later on. You can do this daily, back at your hotel or Airbnb, or wait until you are back home to download the entire journey - the choice is yours. Either way, we know from experience that Paper Shoot is the best camera for travelling!