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Simple Tricks to View Your Paper Shoot Snaps

Simple Tricks to View Your Paper Shoot Snaps

The Paper Shoot Camera was made to bring you ease and efficiency when capturing your favorite memories! From the easy assembly and the automatic settings that make it accessible for just about anyone to use it, to the maintenance and care, every step was created to intentionally bring you an exciting and painless picture-taking experience. That being said, even viewing your photos is a simple process and today I'll go over the 3 different ways you can see the photos and videos you've taken on your Paper Shoot Cam!


1. SD Card Reader:

I'm a pretty impatient person, especially when it comes to photos which is why i'm highlighting this as the first and best way to see your pics! And that's with an SD card reader, which we sell on the site! We have one with a lightening port and another is USB-C. Click the SD card out of the camera and place it in the reader. Attach the reader to your phone and go to your photos app. Once there, on the bottom right, you'll see a download icon appear, if you click on that you get to see all the photos on that SD card. You can then go and highlight which ones you'd like to import to your phone. You'll be prompted to choose to either keep those photos on the SD card or delete them, it's up to you!


2. Use Your Laptop:

For the individuals who have a little more self control, you can wait until you get to a computer or laptop to take the SD card out of the Paper Shoot Camera and plug it into your laptop. You'll then see a little drive pop on on your desktop. Open the files until you see your photos and there you have it! Make sure to drag and drop the drive that pops up into the trash can before taking your SD card out and placing it back into the camera. This is the step you'll have to take if you ever have the SD card indicator flashing on the back of your camera. That usually means there's an error with the SD or that it's full. If it's full, empty it out onto a hard drive or computer and put it back into the camera to use! 


3.  Using the USB or USB-C Cord:

Every order will come with a USB-c cable and you can use this to not only charge your camera but to connect it to your laptop to see your photos. It's helpful if maybe you have a hard time getting the SD card out with just your fingernails or if you're looking to multi-task and charge your camera while looking at photos, either way, it's always an option if you're looking for something different!