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The New Era Of Paper Shoot Camera!

The New Era Of Paper Shoot Camera!

Welcome to a new era of Paper Shoot Camera! 

For a long time now we've been wanting to revamp Paper Shoot as a whole. Our team has been ready to make a change and for many months now, there have been countless moving parts to make this new project happen and here it is! Our brand has undergone some construction and we are relaunching with an entirely new look and feel to Paper Shoot Camera! Our branding aligns more with with what Paper Shoot is and how we want to connect with our fans. There's more vibrancy, color, and cohesion. 

Starting with a new website! Our new site includes new product photos, new logos and branding, as well as new products which we can't wait to share with you all! We wanted it to have more vibrancy and a sense of play, which is something we love about the Paper Shoot Camera. It's about about capturing your favorite memories with your favorite people and we feel like the new style of our site really exudes that.

We are also launching new products with our new branding including cases, lens covers, stickers, and pins! These new accessories are a really fun way to switch things up! Our pin are the cutest little Paper Shoot add-ons you can use to dress up your jean jacket, backpack or hat. 

Our lens covers are now screw-on instead of magnetic meaning they won't fall and will stay in place! Plus, they have our new logos and stickers on them and we're just massive fans of those smileys!

Our cases are also super cute with 5 of them being our brands new colors and the other 3, renditions with our logos and new style!

Shot on paper shoot text lens cover with yellow star eyed smiley face with grip groves on a paper shoot camera

Shot on paper shoot text lens cover with center red and yellow mushroom graphic with grip groves on a paper shoot camera

Shot on paper shoot text lens cover with red and yellow flower graphic with grip groves on a paper shoot camera







By far our favorite part of this new brand relaunch is our product photography which we partnered with Dispatch Studios in Greenville, South Carolina to make happen! We can't thank the studio enough for providing us with the highest quality set ups, clothing, models, and photos! Take a look at some of our favorite photographs!

The experience was one for the books! It took weeks of outfit changes, props sourcing, modeling, photographing, and editing to get these incredible images! Our very own Alyona even joined in and became a model for part of the shoot. 

With everything launching this week and after many months of hard work to make this all happen, we just want to thank everyone for sticking by us these last few years! Paper Shoot North America launched only 3 years ago and since then, we've seen major growth, with all of that came a lot of lessons, company changes, testing, and improving. We hope you love this new era of Paper Shoot and stick by us as we continue to expand our company and grow to be the best digicam on the market!