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Vintage Vibes: Exploring Film Realism through Paper Shoot Filters

Vintage Vibes: Exploring Film Realism through Paper Shoot Filters - Paper Shoot Camera

Paper Shoot Camera is no stranger to the world of photography, film, and digital. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to mesh those 3 worlds together and craft high-quality filters that bring a level of nostalgia and film to every photo you take. We love our filters! Which is why we keep making more of them! If you're curious about our filters and the photos they capture, here's a little run down of the different aesthetics we offer for our Paper Shoot Cameras.

We have 4 built in photo filters


Black & White



These are stunning classic film-aesthetic filters perfect for everyday photos!

We then have the our new Filter Card Set - Image Master Kit with 4 new filter cards each with 4 new filters on them. If that was confusing, I apologize! The entire set comes with 16 new very vibrant and color filters that give your photos a lot more color and depth! 

Classic Film

Wes Anderson ( Teal & Orange)

Icy Chill


Monochrome Elegance

We're also fans of Winter here at Paper Shoot Camera, so what would our filter collection be without a Moody Filter Card, which is something we just launched! Here are the 4 new filters you can get for your camera.

Pumpkin Spice

Forks ( As in Washington Forks as in Twilight!!)


Dark Autumn