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What is Paper Shoot Camera Photo Quality?

What is Paper Shoot Camera Photo Quality? - Paper Shoot Camera

This might come as a surprise to a lot of our followers but as a company, we’ve actually been around since 2013. We’re almost ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary and with that comes looking back at how far we’ve come. We started with an 8-megapixel camera that we were all really proud of. It was the first product we released, and we loved the feedback we got when we shared it with the public. Through the years we’ve worked hard to improve every aspect of the camera, from the camera board and functionality to our video and time-lapse capabilities, and finally to the eco-friendly aspect of the camera that we are passionate about. We’ve seen how a small and dedicated team of people who love what they do, can be successful with consistent and united effort year after year. Fast-forward to almost 10 years and a few updates to the camera and we are at the edge of launching our new 18-megapixel camera.

Our new model uses what you already love about our cameras, unlimited photos and videos, time-lapse functionality, and eco-friendly and water-resistant materials, and adds new and exciting features that will bring your pictures and videos to life. Here are the many things to get excited about that come with our new 18MP camera:

  • 1440p Video
  • MP4 Video File
  • Syncing of Time and Date with PC and MAC
  • Improved Filters
  • USB-C Charging Port
  • Up to 128 GB Supported SD card
  • Improved Nighttime Shooting Quality
  • Better Battery Life and Indicators
  • Additional Function Cards for the Following Features: Square Frame, Double Exposure, Polaroid Frame, Video Recording 

Just to get a look into the higher-quality pictures you’ll be taking, here are the new and improved filters that come with your camera.


Black & White 




Here’s also a look at what the new function cards do for your pictures.

Double Exposure


Square Frame

Polaroid Frame

4-Color Videos 

You can pre-order starting Friday, October 7th and when you do, you get a free function card of your choice with your order! Once you've ordered from us, we'll start shipping as quickly as possible. The latest we plan to ship out is middle November. While some orders might ship faster than others, everyone is guaranteed to receive their order before Christmas. We want to thank you for joining our journey through the years. We appreciate your continued support and we hope you love the new 18MP camera!