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Filter Card Bundle - 16 New Filters

$ 756.00

Give your Paper Shoot photos some new life with our filter card set! Featuring our bestselling filter cards, Classic Film, Teal & Orange (formerly known as Asteroid City), Monochrome Elegance and Icy Chill, this little set is your gateway to brand new pics. The filters come in the form of SIM cards - all you have to do is insert the card into the back of the camera and snap away!

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Filter Card Bundle - 16 New Filters

$ 756.00
What's in the box?

Case Only (Camera Not Included)

1 Camera Case in your chosen design

1 set of brass screw fasteners for your camera

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Defective Teal & Orange SIM Card BUT overall I enjoy the other 3 filters

I really like the filters. Although I have a defective Teal & Orange SIM Card. It causes both lights on the camera to flash and doesn't let me take any pictures. Which sucks because I was really excited to try that one out. I tried to contact customer service about it, but have yet to receive any response from them. It's been a week now. I'm hoping I could just replace that one filter and not have to return to whole item :(

3/4 work.

i was very excited about this filter bundle but the teal & orange card doesn’t work and my camera would flash its lights and not take a picture whereas the other filters worked perfectly fine. m

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