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Set de cámara - CROZ Premium

$ 5,005.00

Nuestro conjunto Premium Croz es atemporal, simplista y simplemente rebosa de lujo tranquilo. Lo siento mucho por decir "rebosa" allí, ¡qué asco! Pero te haces una idea. Con accesorios exclusivos como nuestros estuches de fibra de vidrio reciclado y madera, juegos de lentes y nuestro marco de latón premium, estarás rebosando de opulencia.

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Set de cámara - CROZ Premium

$ 5,005.00
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Gift Box

1 18MP Camera Board

2 Premium Cases

1 Brass Frame

1 SD Card

2 Effect lenses (macro & wide angle)

1 Charging cable

Brass Fasteners

Batteries not included (sold separately)

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Customer Reviews

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Lucas V
Love this camera

I really have enjoyed photography so much more since having my paper shoot. This box set is perfect because it comes with an extra case and accessories. I did have a bit of an issue with my first shipment not containing the 18mp version of the camera board but the support team was amazing and helped me get a replacement asap. I have used both the 16 & 18 MP boards now and they are great and take awesome photos. The main difference is the function and filter cards and hand crank work with 18MP and not with other versions. I'm not a fan of the little wrist strap they include with it but just made my own strap from some leather that fit my aesthetic better personally. That's what is so cool about these cameras is it's easy to customize from their store and on your own (within reason). Something else to note that was not clear to me on this set is the Croz wood and acrylic clear cases do not have the screw-style brass ring on over the lens so accessories like the lens cap and ring light will not screw onto them as with the other cases. While I would have initially given fewer stars due to frustrations with receiving the wrong camera board and then not being clear about the screw-on cap/light accessories working on the Croz cases, Paper Shoot's customer service team was amazing and righted the issues quickly and kindly. If anything that impressed me as much as their products have and I feel they deserve all the stars for that. I've been getting positive feedback from my friends and followers about the photos captured on this camera and again have just enjoyed photography so much more with it than on my phone or with a DSLR camera with a screen. The viewfinder is a little confusing and I would love to see them eventually add an accessory to the shop that adds a viewfinder piece that actually is more true to the shot. Regardless, once I got the hang of it and just started pointing and shooting more and worrying about framing less, I got cool shots. I would def recommend this camera set to anyone wanting to put some fun and simplicity into their photography hobby and practice.

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