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New Paper Shoot Rental Program

New Paper Shoot Rental Program - Paper Shoot Camera

We've recently just launched out new rental program and let's just say we should have done it sooner! We have always been interested in renting out our cameras for parties and gatherings and when we saw the disposable camera trend going viral at weddings, we knew we had to step in with a better offer.

Unlike a disposable camera, the Paper Shoot Camera is reusable, water-resistant, and offers you unlimited photos with 4 photo filters to choose from. The best part? All the photos have that vintage and film aesthetic everyone's after! So, there's no limit on how many photos guests can take as they pass the cameras around to capture all the fun. Let's get into the details below!



We rent our cameras out in bundles of 8 and you have 10 days to use them before it's time to return. 


What comes with the bundle

The bundles come with batteries, an SD card, and a USB cable to charge the camera and view your photos on your laptop. You'll also get a small manual with instructions on how to use your camera. Shipping is also included in the price of the bundles. No accessories at the moment are included. Currently, the cases to choose between include White Lomo and Black Lomo, with new bride and groom cases coming soon!



Once you're done using the cameras, use the cord that came with the camera to download all your photos before emptying out the SD card and putting it back in the box to be returned. If there are cameras missing, you automatically get charged and you get to keep the camera for yourself. Put the cameras back into the box they came in and return back to our office.