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What The Cam Fam is Saying!

Don’t take it from us, take it from customers just like you! It’s not just a camera. It’s a cult(ure). Customers from all over North America, South America, the Uk and Italy are smitten with their cams, and we’re so excited to share their stories with you. 💌

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Reviews from Our Socials!

See what the Paper Shoot Cam-Fam has to say! 


I love my Paper Shoot! I've had for a year and have taken it on many trip and carry it with me everyday! Love the accessories and cases. Great and speedy customer service that are always happy to help when I have questions and issues.Highly recommend!



I was so excited when i first saw this & bought it the same week for my sisters birthday, but after taking photos for over a week now, I'm really missing are just missing that special flash quality you get from film unfortunately. something to keep in mind as you're purchasing but I did just look at their accessories, and I saw a ring, light application, but they are sold out at the moment

- Michelle Jr Balmus


Sin duda una maravilla, de las mejores compras que he hecho. El material es muy bueno y la calidad de las fotos es buena. Ese toque retro y único que solo logra esta cámara! 🤎

-Victor Ovalle


Film photos have emotion attached to them -- they are authentic and raw. This camera can get you the feeling of a memory in a photo, digitally. Without a screen to set up the 'perfect shot,' the angles you get as a result are more organic; plus by not having a screen, you're more likely to still live in the moment while capturing it.This camera is the best way to mimic film digitally, especially considering the price! I wish I could attach more of the photos I've taken with it so far, but I'm only allowed 1 per review. So, here's one of my favorites -- the Epcot Ball at night this past November'22.



Extremely happy and satisfied with my purchase. Arrived very fast and early. Always wanted a good small camera and how easy it is to work, just love it completely.❤❤❤

-Cristal K. Davila Lopez


I didn’t want to leave a review until I took my camera on a trip but i’m in San Francisco rn and I LOVE this little camera. I can slip it in my pocket and it’s so lightweight. It adds such a dreamy quality that I love and it’s so fun to shoot with. Highly recommend!!



I absolutely love this camera. I took it with me when I visited Los Angeles this past week. The photos turned out stunning. The quality was much better than I was expecting. I loved the anticipation of waiting until I had access to an SD card reader to see the photos.



I love this camera so much! I was so pleased when I received it. I have been taking pictures non stop and now that I’m heading off to college I can’t wait to take pictures of all the new experiences!



Love my camera, love that it can be reused for years to come and that I can choose which photos to develop if I choose to! Amazing product. Here’s a picture I’ve taken with my camera!

-Alyssa Sauriol


¡Parece que te has divertido mucho con la cámara! El ambiente nostálgico y la variedad de filtros parecen haber mejorado tu experiencia. Recomendarla como una alternativa más ecológica y económica a las cámaras desechables es un punto de vista valioso. ¡Gracias por compartir tu experiencia positiva!