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The Best Little Digital Vacation Camera to Take With You!

The Best Little Digital Vacation Camera to Take With You! - Paper Shoot Camera

 It’s finally travel season! Spring is coming fast and we’re already booking flights with family and friends, so here are just a few reasons why the Paper Shoot Camera will be your favorite travel accessory you take with you on your journey away from home.

It’s compact and lightweight – The Paper Shoot hardly weighs a pound and for the most part, you’ll forget you even have it on you. Everything from the camera board and cases to the accessories like our lenses, ring light, and function cards are very lightweight and once you put it all together to create the camera, the entire thing is as big as your hand and incredibly slim making it easy to fit in just about any pocket you have. There’s no lugging around heavy equipment with this camera, everything is portable and easy to travel with.


We give you unlimited pictures and videos – The whole aesthetic of the Paper Shoot is that it's an eco-friendly digital camera that gives you film-like and disposable-looking photos without the need for film and disposables. Unlike film and disposable cameras, you get a very limited amount of photos you can take before you have to either get more film or buy and use another disposable camera. Since the Paper Shoot uses an SD card to store photos and videos, not only do you get unlimited pictures and videos, but you also don’t have to pay to see the photos. Just take the SD card out, put it in your laptop or an adapter for your phone and you get all your content right then and there.

You get to live in the moment – While we love a good iPhone photo or two, you can’t deny that once you take your hundred photos, you’re stuck reviewing them trying to figure out if you got the right shot instead of enjoying the moment you’re in. With the Paper Shoot Camera, there’s no opportunity to look at the photos as soon as you take them making it the perfect camera to use if you want to keep your phone away and still capture a beautiful moment while staying present at the same time.

And with that, please enjoy some of my favorite pictures taken by the Paper Shoot on my recent trip to Mexico!