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Use Your Paper Shoot Camera + Accessories

You’re ready to put your camera together when you’ve got the camera board, a case, 2 brass fasteners (screws), 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, and an SD card!

The first thing you’ll want to do is assemble your SD card. To do this, you’ll simply insert the smaller micro card into the bigger SD card slot and then the SD card into the silver slot on the right side of the camera.

Insert your AAA rechargeable batteries on the bottom, and you’re ready for the case. Align the front of the case with the front of the camera and fold the case back so the camera is enclosed on the front and back. Fasten the brass screws at the top on both sides, and you’re all set!


Taking Photos

Now that you have assembled your camera you are ready to start shooting!

Taking a photo with the Paper Shoot Camera is simple
and user-friendly. Anyone can enjoy photography with
our cameras.

Step 1:

Select one of the filters located on the back of the device.

Step 2:

Click the shutter button on the front of the camera. Blue lights will illuminate on the back to let you know the batteries are working.

After 15 seconds you will hear a shutter sound, letting you know the camera has successfully captured your shot!


Video and Time Lapse

Dive into the captivating world of video and time-lapse photography with your Paper Shoot Camera! Whether you're a budding filmmaker or just looking to add some dynamic flair to your photos, our step-by-step video guide is here to unlock your creative potential.

You’ll learn everything from setting up your camera to capturing those breathtaking moments in motion.

And hey, don’t stop there – unleash your creativity and share your masterpieces with us. If you still have queries or need extra tips, our team is always ready to help. Let’s make every frame count!


Access Your Photos & Videos

All the awesome pictures and videos you take with your Paper Shoot Camera will be saved on the SD card inside it. And the good news is, there are a couple of ways to access your photos and videos.

You can use the USB cord that came with the camera, just plug one end into your camera and the other end into your laptop. Wait for a moment, and voila! You can see the folder with your amazing memories.

Another way to access your content is to take out the SD card from your camera and plug it into your computer or an SD card adapter for your mobile device. Super easy, right?


Let's Fix It Together!

Sabemos que puede ser un poco complicado si tu cámara Paper Shoot no se comporta como esperabas. ¡Pero no te preocupes, estamos aquí para ayudarte!

Echa un vistazo a nuestro útil video de solución de problemas, diseñado para ayudarte a navegar sin problemas cualquier problema y volver a capturar esos momentos perfectos en poco tiempo. Nuestra guía en video tiene pasos y consejos fáciles de seguir, desde problemas comunes hasta soluciones rápidas.

Recuerda, siempre estamos aquí para ayudar. Consulta nuestra página de solución de problemas a continuación para obtener más soluciones, y si aún tienes problemas, ¡nuestro equipo está a solo un correo electrónico de distancia!

How to Use Function Cards with Your Paper Shoot Camera

Ready to have some fun with your Paper Shoot Camera? Our function cards are here to help! Check out our sweet instructional video below to learn how to use these cards and all their cool features. Let's get started!

How to Use & Assemble Lenses with Your Paper Shoot Camera

¿Listo para divertirte con la fotografía? ¡Prueba diferentes lentes y crea efectos únicos! ¡Aprende cómo montar luces de anillo de tornillo y sé aún más creativo con tu fotografía en el increíble tutorial de video a continuación!

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